In the deal lifecycle, M&A Fortuner activity includes providing initial screening of potential targets, from detailed due diligence to business support related to the sales process all the way through to the implementation of operational improvements. 

With our deep understanding of the entire deal lifecycle, we are able to facilitate the entire deal process unique to each customer’s needs and strive to achieve maximization of value for every client in every transaction.


Pre-Deal Analysis

  1. Pre-Deal Analysis

  2. Preliminary Engagement

  3. Due Diligence

Deal Execution

  1. Stakeholders Management

  2. Communications Engagement

Post Deal Support

  1. Integration Strategy

  2. Interim Management

Preliminary Engagement

Our team start by understanding our client’s goals and objectives in order to identify and qualify the “right” buyer or seller to optimise the value of our clients.

Buy-Side Preliminary Engagement

We actively seek to understand potential buyer’s established investment and acquisition criteria prior to searching and identifying valuable acquisition targets. Having developed a good framework of the buyer’s criteria, we will commence screening and profiling of potential companies and conduct relevant industry and segment trend analysis to qualify prospective targets.

Sell-Side Preliminary Engagement

We work closely with business owners and key management to understand the purpose and motivation behind the financing needs in order to develop an effective, clear and coherent business plan for financiers and bidders.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is a vital element in every transaction and the success of each deal usually hinges on the Tailored due screening. At M&A Fortuner, we take a rigorous and exhaustive approach across a range of segments to provide a comprehensive assessment of the target company for our clients.

Stakeholders Management

・ Change risk identification and mitigation

・ Effective communications strategy and planning

・ Organisational positioning and alignment

Our team will plan and deliver customised and targeted communications programs to align incoming stakeholder insights with company’s needs to facilitate support for pending changes and to ensure all parties involved remain informed, focused and engaged throughout the process.

Communications Engagement

・ Development and dissemination of the strategic and financial strategic transaction rationale

・ Stakeholder communications

・ Employee engagement

To ensure that the transactions are carried out as intended at outset, our team will work closely with our clients to formulate and deliver effective communications strategies that will address the concerns and queries of every stakeholder involved in the transaction.

Integration Strategy


・ Formulate integration strategy and blue print

・ Develop organisational design,

workforce transition plan and change support communications

・ Develop detailed implementation plans

including specific 30/180/360 days requirements

・ Set revenue benchmarks and cost synergy targets

To ensure that our clients capture the maximum value from the transaction, our team will support and assist our clients in creating clear strategic objectives, detailed implementation plans and a structured and disciplined approach to deliver a smooth and successful integration process.

Interim Management


・ Understand specific organisational issues and challenges

・ Identify subject matter experts with relevant

industrial knowledge and experience

・ Framework to qualify subject matter experts with the advice and tools

To establish corporate priorities, build morale and ensure momentum critical to continuity, our team can assist clients in sourcing for specific subject matter experts with relevant industry experiences and strategic decision making ability to provide support in delivery of operations should there be periods of key leadership absence.