We offer the widest range of deals in Singapore.
With direct access to deal information from the ground,
we present projects that meet your specific needs.

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Kono Yoshitaka

We promise to provide safe and smooth global transactions to our customers and to deliver the services that fulfill their needs.



Pre-Deal Analysis

We offer tailored pre-diligence investment screening that is unique to each client. We adhere to a systematic identification process to reveal potential targets and qualify investment opportunities. We offer indepth commercial perspectives to help clients evaluate the outlook and opportunities of investment targets across all sectors.

Deal Excution

We offer comprehensive core business support functions with a clear line of sight on all potential risks that could delay or derail the deal process. We work closely with clients to define effective stakeholders’ engagement strategies and develop coherent business plans to align the interests of all parties.

Post Deal Support

We help clients customize and develop targeted plans of action post-closing to capture near-term opportunities and optimize the value of their business.  We partner with subject matter experts driving comprehensive turnaround of performance with improvement models in high impact areas from the ground up.

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